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Скачать Paint Along with Jerry Yarnell (2): Painting Inspirations бесплатно

Paint Along with Jerry Yarnell (2): Painting Inspirations By Jerry Yarnell
Publisher: North Light Books 2001 | 128 Pages | ISBN: 1581801009 | PDF | 71 MB

Painting Inspirations. There's no better way to describe the stunning projects provided by Jerry Yarnell in volume two of his popular new series. His invaluable instruction and encouraging voice accompany each new artistic challenge, giving readers the inspiration and step-by-step guidance they need to master a variety of new painting techniques. They'll learn how to stretch as painters and build confidence with brush control, color mixing, composition, values and more. Ten complete step-by-step projects include a gorgeous adobe Indian village, rocky cliffs, and snow-covered hillsides. Readers will finish each lesson with a completed painting - one that's worthy of a special place on their wall.

About the Author
Jerry Yarnell is the featured artist in the highly acclaimed instructional series "The Inspiration of Painting" seen on over 160 PBS stations nationwide. He is the author of four books on painting instruction, including Painting Along with Jerry Yarnell: Painting Basics.


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