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Скачать Web Site Design Is Communication Design бесплатно

Web Site Design Is Communication Design

Thea M. Van Der Geest, «Web Site Design Is Communication Design»
John Benjamins Publishing | ISBN: 1588110109 | 2001 | PDF | 165 pages | 8.15 MB

This title is based on a series of case studies of the website design processes in smaller and larger organizations. It offers a thorough analysis of the activities undertaken, in conbination with practical experiences of website designers and producers. It pays attention to the often complicated organizational context that web deigners and producers have to work in, while they serve both bosses and target groups to their best intents. The importance of careful evaluation is stressed throughout the book and in the concluding checklists, which guide the practitioner through the design process, from initiqal idea through site maintenance and re-design.





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