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Скачать Digital Design бесплатно

Frank Vahid
Digital Design

Wiley | 2006 | ISBN: 0470044373 | 552 pages | PDF | 112 Mb

While most popular digital design books present a perspective rooted in the 1970s and 1980s, Digital Design takes the subject into the 21st century. It quickly moves through the low-levels of design, making a clear distinction between design and gate-level minimization. The book also emphasizes how one of the key uses of digital design today is to build high-performance alternatives to software in addition to glue logic. And it swiftly progresses to register-transfer-level (RTL) design since that is the level at which most digital design in practice today is performed.

• An emphasis on register-transfer-level (RTL) design, the level at which most digital design is practiced today. yet, coverage is bottom-up, starting from transistors and gates, and working up step-by-step to more complex components. the book emphasizes design, not just components, involving behavior capture followed by circuit creation at various abstraction levels.
• Extensive use of basic examples to teach and illustrate new concepts, and of application examples, such as pacemakers, ultrasound machines, automobiles, and cell phones, to demonstrate the immediate relevance of the concepts.
• Separation of basic design from optimization and tradeoffs, allowing development of a solid understanding of basic design, before considering the more advanced topic of optimization and tradeoffs.
• Flexible organization, enabling early or late coverage of optimization methods or of HDLs, and enabling choice of VHDL, Verilog,or SystemC HDLs.
• Accompanying HDL-introduction companion books that follow digital Design's chapter structure and use the book's examples, for in-depth HDL coverage.
• Career insights and advice from designers with varying levels of experience.
• A clear bottom-up description of field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs).
• An integrated technology package is available with Digital Design. WileyPLUS offers worked out video solutions, guided online problems, and unlimited algorithmic exercises. The free Book Companion Site offers extensive supporting materials, including graphical animated PowerPoint slides, a complete solutions manual for the instructor, and online tools that interactively illustrate key concepts.



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