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Скачать Design Literacy: Understanding Graphic Design (Revised Edition) бесплатно

Design Literacy: Understanding Graphic Design (Revised Edition)
Author: Steven Heller | Allworth Press | 2004 | ISBN: 1581153562 | Bookmarked PDF | 464 pages | 10 MB

The book that turned designers on to reading is back, chock full of new stories about the graphic icons and idols of today's design culture. As witty and to the point as ever, the more than 125 thought pieces - 30 of them brand new - offer a vast taste of the aesthetic, political, historical, and personal issues that move today's global design community and fans, from the ubiquitous (shooting targets, the swastika, anti war posters) to the whimsical (Dwiggins jackets, Japanese matchboxes, the interior design of the Dr. Strangelove set). This revised and expanded edition of Design Literacy reflects recent trends in graphic design such as the impact of graphic design on popular visual communication, aesthetic changes in type and typography in the digital age, reflection and analysis on designs most cherished and curious artefacts, and the nexus between graphic design and wired culture. The essays range from the late 19th century to the present and are organized into eight thematic categories - persuasion, media, language, identity, information, iconography, style, and commerce - which follow a loose chronological order.

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