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Скачать Logos: Making a Strong Mark бесплатно

Logos: Making a Strong Mark. 150 Strategies for Logos That Last (Creative Solutions)
Authors: Anistasia Miller, Jared Brown | Rockport Publishers | 2004 | Language: English | ISBN: 1592530788 | 184 Pages | PDF | 33 Mb

Logos are among designers most highly sought-after projects, but they are often one of the most difficult projects for a designer to nail. This book takes a look at those challenges?the logos that have truly pushed a designers creativity and forced him or her to reach inside. The authors examine 180 logos, making it easy for designers to take away insightful tips they can put to work immediately. The author tracks the lifecycle of each logo from its challenge through the process to the final result. Scattered throughout the book are sidebars featuring 15 logos that were made over. The author talks about why the makeover was needed and, with the before and after logos side by side, discusses if the re-do was successful. Color images throughout that show the logos from conceptual stages to final art make this book an at-a-glance reference for anyone?designer or entrepreneur who wants to take an active role in the creation of his or her brand mark.

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