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Скачать form adressbuch 2006 (forum adressbuch) бесплатно

Edition form, "form adressbuch 2006 (forum adressbuch)"
Birkhuser Berlin | 2006 | ISBN: 3936560331 | 244 pages | PDF | 1,2 MB

When the design journal form is relaunched in December 2005, it will place special emphasis on design processes, explaining them in thorough and practical terms. From then on each issue will feature a cover story devoted to contemporary trends in European product and graphic design. In form, designers of all stripes and specialties will find valuable tips and background information to assist them in their everyday professional life. Celebrated authors such as Erik Spiekermann, Michael Erlhoff, Elke Trappschuh, and Steven Heller will use their expert knowledge and experience to shed light on the current state of the discipline. The English translation of the journal will help to increase its international impact. High-quality reproductions and the works of leading graphic designers and illustrators will be integral elements of the journal. Whoever works in design, and whoever teaches or studies it, reads form. This bimonthly journal has been making a name for itself since 1957.

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