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Скачать 3ds Max 2010 Bible, by Kelly L. Murdock (Re-Up, book only) бесплатно

3ds Max 2010 Bible, by Kelly L. Murdock (Re-Up, book only)
Wiley | August 10, 2009 | English | ISBN: 0470471913 | PDF | 1299 Pages | 270,0 Mb

Description : Whether you`re a novice eager to get started or a full-fledged animator seeking new ways to dazzle, the new edition of this perennial hot seller is the perfect 3ds Max book for you. It`s crammed with the very latest features, professional techniques, and over 150 step-by-step tutorials that will build skills and spark your creativity. Don`t miss the colorful insert, which showcases the work of cutting-edge 3D artists and is sure to inspire you.
* Do freeform sculpting with the new Graphite Modeling Tools
* Use the new Material Explorer interface to quick-navigate material hierarchies
* Discover viewport exposure control, ambient occlusion, and soft shadows
* Add multiple sound tracks to your scene with the ProSound features
* Quickly find mesh problems with the xView display options
* Paint directly on models in the new Viewport Canvas mode

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