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Скачать Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium All-in-One for Dummies (Repost) бесплатно

Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium All-in-One For Dummies
John Wiley & Sons | ISBN-10: 0470331860 | 2008-12-03 | 936 pages | PDF | 12.95 MB

Product Description
Adobe’s Creative Suite is a tightly integrated, powerful, and cost-effective set of tools that gives you the power to create graphically rich content for print or the Web. Now, there’s an all-in-one resource that explains each component of the Suite in easy-to-understand language and gets you up and running in no time!

Loaded with invaluable tips from Adobe experts, Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium For Dummies shows you how to use the different software packages included in Adobe's Creative Suite to publish your own projects, in print or electronic form. You get seven minibooks that span more than 750 pages, giving you the lowdown on today’s hottest software tools — Acrobat, Flash, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver — and showing you how to integrate the Suite. Completely updated to cover the latest features and enhancements of all the tools, this friendly how-to guide explains in plain English how to:

* Install and set up each program
* Use common menus and commands
* Import and export files
* Work with graphics, text, and fonts
* Understand page layout
* Draw with InDesign and share your work
* Use layers, filters, and effects in Illustrator
* Save Photoshop images for print and the Web
* Create and modify PDF files in Acrobat
* Build a Web site in Dreamweaver
* Work with images and sound in Flash
* Tackle advanced concepts
* And much, much more!

Complete with a list of helpful resources, Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium For Dummies is your powerhouse guide to getting the most out of each program!

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