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Скачать 4 e-Art Ebooks by Roland Salazar Rose бесплатно

4 e-Art Ebooks by Roland Salazar Rose
Publisher: Nebel Verlag| ISBN: 18828477X | edition 2008 | PDF | 22 pages | 5,44 mb

“Ironically, this splendid marriage of image and word sprung out of the need to confront the end of a marriage. This is what artists do with sorrow and loss: they create beauty and meaning. Salazar’s paintings are stirring and original. Pearlman’s verses are the perfect complements to the images. Pearlman the poet captures some small suggestion in each of Salazar’s richly painted pictures and develops it into a succinct, musical quatrain that somehow evokes the feeling of the picture and yet still allows the viewer his or her own experience.

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