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Скачать Decorative Furniture with Donna Dewberry бесплатно

Decorative Furniture By Donna Dewberry
Publisher: North Light Books 2000 | 128 Pages | ISBN: 1581800169 | PDF | 5 MB

This guide takes Donna Dewberry's one-stroke painting one step further -- introducing readers to more advanced approaches to realistic-style decorative painting with acrylics. Using the same multi-loading methods and updated color schemes, decorators can learn how to paint realistic-looking one-stroke flowers, fruits, leaves and other motifs on furniture and related accessories to make complete room ensembles. Each of the 10 projects is based on a painted piece of furniture or room with an existing theme and the accessories that accompany that theme, and include a kitchen table and chairs, wall plates and cabinets. Donna provides complete, step-by-step examples on how to add details to flowers, how to shade and highlight fruit to give it dimension, how to match colors to existing room decor, and more.


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