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Скачать Printing Types: Their History, Forms, and Use бесплатно

Daniel Berkeley Updike "Printing Types: Their History, Forms, and Use"
Oak Knoll Press | 2001-09 | ISBN: 1584560568 | 329 pages | PDF | 37 MB

Printing Types: Their History, Forms And Use is a unique and extraordinary survey exploring the art of typography from the very beginnings of printing down to the present day. A printer, scholar, award-winning designer, and teacher, Daniel Updike draws upon his considerable expertise and research to trace the development of type design and comment on the lessons the historic periods of type design have for today's designers. The informative and impressive text is enhanced with 367 typographical illustrations selected from rare and beautiful books down through the history of typography. Highly recommended for both professional and academic reference collections, Daniel Updike's Printing Types is also available as a two volume paperback set.

Previous editions are cited in Books for college libraries, 3d ed. Updike's classic work, originally published by Harvard U. Press in 1922 and last updated in 1962, remains a bible to those studying typography. "It is virtually impossible to read any subsequent studies on the history of typography which do not contain references to Updike's work," the preface to this fourth edition notes. Volume I discusses the Latin alphabet, the invention of printing, the cutting and casting of types, and European types to the 18th century. Volume II continues the discussion of European types to the 19th century and also considers American types, choice of type, and the industrial conditions of the past and their relationship to problems of printers. Plentifully illustrated.

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