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Скачать Design Representation бесплатно

Design Representation by G. Goldschmidt W. Porter
Publisher: Springer; 1 edition (January 15, 2004) | 222 Pages | ISBN: 1852337532 | PDF | 4.6 MB

“There is a global network of academics, researchers and methodologists who will buy this book or want it in their institute libraries.”Prof. John Harbraken "As the field of human computer interaction grows, this book is likely to be a basic resource."Prof. Chuck Eastman Design representation is necessary for all design activity. You will gain a guide to both theory and practical application in this discussion of representation as it occurs during the process of design. Goldschmidt and Porter give you perspectives on representational issues in design that are both informative and evocative of further inquiry. The unique interdisciplinary approach brings a new dimension to the study of representation, benefiting the global network of researchers, students and practitioners in all areas of design. Rather than addressing the larger framework directly, a series of smaller case studies are presented, each dealing with aspects of representation in architecture and engineering. Binding together historical-cultural, cognitive-social and technological perspectives eliminates the need for further reading. Innovative research methods based on numerous well-illustrated examples will leave you with new ideas to build on. International contributors focus on worldwide research activities, offering you more than just an expansion of a single viewpoint. Design Representation delves into the common roots of representation in all design disciplines through case studies, historical investigations, theoretical constructs and programming. If you are involved in any design activity, this will be a truly exciting addition to your bookshelf.

List of Contributors
1 Distance and Depth 3
2 Graphic Representation as Reconstructive Memory: Stirling's German Museum Projects 37
3 Designers' Objects 63
4 Distributed Cognition in Engineering Design: Negotiating between Abstract and Material Representations 83
5 Design Representations in Critical Situations of Product Development 105
6 Impromptu Prototyping and Artefacting: Representing Design Ideas through Things at Hand, Actions, and Talk 127
7 Cognitive Catalysis: Sketches for a Time-lagged Brain 151
8 The Thoughtful Mark Maker - Representational Design Skills in the Post-information Age 185
9 Design Representation: Private Process, Public Image 203
Index 218





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