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Скачать Laboratory Design, Construction, and Renovation: Participants, Process, and Product бесплатно

Laboratory Design, Construction, and Renovation: Participants, Process, and Product by Construction, Committee on Design Renovation of Laboratory Facilities
Publisher: National Academy Press (15 May 2000) | 170 Pages | ISBN: 0309066336 | PDF | 1.3 MB

Laboratory facilities are complex, technically sophisticated, and mechanically intensive structures that are expensive to build and to maintain. Hundreds of decisions must be made before and during new construction or renovation that will determine how successfully the facility will function when completed and how successfully it can be maintained once put into service.

This book provides guidance on effective approaches for building laboratory facilities in the chemical and biochemical sciences. It contains both basic and laboratory-specific information addressed to the user community-the scientists and administrators who contract with design and construction experts. The book will also be important to the design and construction communities-the architects, laboratory designers, and engineers who will design the facility and the construction personnel who will build it-to help them communicate with the scientific community for whom they build laboratory facilities.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 1
1 Human Issues 8
Participants 8
Sociology 14
Community Relations 21
2 Process Issues 28
Predesign Phase 30
Preliminary Considerations 33
Design and Documentation Phase 38
Construction Phase 46
Postconstruction Phase 53
3 Technical Issues 59
Environmental Health and Safety 59
Design Considerations 72
Research Laboratory Cost Considerations 103
Bibliography 125
App. A Biographical Sketches of Committee Members 129
App. B Statement of Task 133
App. C Committee Meetings 134
App. D Selection of a Design Professional 137
App. E Definitions 143
Index 149





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