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Скачать Photography Foundations for Art and Design, 4 Ed: The creative photography handbook бесплатно

Mark Galer, "Photography Foundations for Art and Design, 4 Ed: The creative photography handbook"
Focal Press; 4 ed | 2007 | ISBN: 0240520505 | 248 pages | PDF | 41 MB

A good book to explain any elements that a photographer should attend to take and make a good photo in any mode of photography.
The photographic curriculum contained in this book offers a structured learning approach that will give students a frame work for working on design projects and the photographic skills for personal communication.
This book is intended to promote in dependent learning and help build design skills, including the ability to research, plan and execute work in a systematic manner. Students are encouraged to adopt a thematic approach, documenting all developmental work.
"Anyone starting to take an interest in this field will find this book an invaluable reference. The author's easy way of imparting his knowledge and enthusiasm for photography comes through from beginning to end. Each section of the book is fully illustrated in colour. Many of the images which are used to illustrate a point are by world renowned photographers. This the fourth edition has been brought right up to date, and now includes all the latest innovations and techniques of the digital photographic world." Sid Pearce FRPS EFIAP Reviews of previous editions: "This is another great book for all of those who are starting to learn the tools and techniques of photography. It is written in a clear, and well-illustrated set of exercises, that will help you build all of your photo skills, and make quality images. Both teachers and students will love all of the information they will find in this book, and will use it as a constant reference source." - www.apogeephoto.com 'An excellent book, perfectly pitched for students at this level. I wish we could afford to buy more copies!' (Teacher, GNVQ Art & Design) 'Full of interesting ideas and assignments which will keep a photographer busy for a long time to come. If any student of photography, formal or informal and of any age, only ever buys one book on photography, this should be the one.' The Photographic Journal 'This type of book is few and far between' (Teacher of GCSE/C&G Photography, Pre Degree and GNVQ)

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