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Скачать Mastering Photoshop CS3 for Print Design and Production бесплатно

Ted LoCascio, "Mastering Photoshop CS3 for Print Design and Production"
Sybex | 2007-07-17 | ISBN: 0470114576 | 573 pages | PDF | 37,1 MB

Unlock Your Creativity with Photoshop and Design More Powerful Images
Photoshop has always been an essential tool for design professionals. Now the newest release adds even more power with new productivity and workflow enhancements, editing tools, and compositing capabilities.
This comprehensive guide shows you how to work with all of the new features of Photoshop CS3 and effectively integrate them into your everyday print design and production workflow. Photoshop expert Ted LoCascio clearly demonstrates how to maximize the software for optimum printing quality. He walks you step-by-step through everything from simple tasks such as basic color correction and masking to more advanced steps including managing color and building layer comps.
With pages of full-color examples that show you how to apply your new Photoshop skills to real-world situations, this in-depth reference will improve your overall workflow and help you enhance and prepare images more effectively than ever before.
Coverage includes:
Selecting the right brushes and manipulating specific areas of an image
Adding color to bring your graphics to life
Retouching like a pro and preparing for print
Combining image layers to create dynamic print graphics
Enhancing the details of your image using sharpening tools
Choosing the right layer styles and filter effects
Editing Raw files, TIFFs, and JPEGs with Camera Raw
Discover How to Take Your Photoshop CS3 Skills to the Next Level
Modify Images with Fully Customizable Brushes and Drawing Tools
Take Advantage of the New Nondestructive Smart Filters
Gain Control over Print Quality to Produce the Richest Images

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