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Скачать Los Angeles Houses бесплатно

Cristina Montes "Los Angeles Houses"
Te Neues Publishing Company | 2002-11 | ISBN: 3823855948 | 400 pages | PDF | 13.0 MB

Architecture is perhaps not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Los Angeles, but there’s no doubt that the city has its own unique style. Large in scale, its rolling, densely lit nightscape suggests the pockets of heavy population that spread out from downtown. In fact, most people from LA don’t actually live there, but in a suburb.

The result of all this suburban living is a hugely diverse residential area with spectacular houses in the hills and canyons, surrounded by trees and stunning views of the city. This book examines some of the highlights of domestic living around Los Angeles, and points out some of the major influences: Art Deco, Spanish, and contemporary architecture; spacious, light-filled rooms; and plenty of wood, steel and concrete. It examines how the city’s flamboyant past has shaped the landscape, as well as how cutting-edge architects and interior designers continue to create exciting new styles and structures. Acclaimed architects such as Richard Meier are featured here along with firms such as Bobrow Thomas & Associates, Legorreta and Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates. Filled with photographs, floor plans, sketches, and informative text, this collection of stunning houses proves that the City of Angels is making its mark in the world of home design.

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