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Скачать Japan its architecture, art, and art manufaktures бесплатно

Japan its architecture, art, and art manufaktures
Название: Japan its architecture, art, and art manufaktures
Автор: Christopher DRESSER
Издательство: Longmans, Green
Год: 2008
Формат: pdf
Размер: 28.7 MB

An architect and ornamentist by profession, and having
knowledge of many manufacturing processes, I went to Japan to
observe what an ordinary visitor would naturally pass unnoticed.
As a specialist, and a specialist only, I submit this volume to
public notice. When in Japan I engaged the best native photo-
grapher that I could find to take views for me ; thus I got not
only architectural edifices, but also architectural details. I also
engaged the best ornamentist in Kioto to make coloured drawings
of temple decorations for me.

Many will be surprised when I say that as yet the English
public know almost nothing, and even our architects very little,
of Japanese architecture. Coloured illustrations are needed to
give anything like a complete idea of the glories of Buddhistic
art ; yet I hope that my book may throw some little light on


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