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Скачать Optical Networking Best Practices Handbook бесплатно

Optical Networking Best Practices Handbook
John R. Vacca
472 pages
2.88 Mb size

Optical Networking Best Practices Handbook presents optical networking in a very comprehensive way for non-engineers needing to understand the fundamentals of fiber, high-capacity and high-speed equipment and networks, and upcoming carrier services. The book provides a practical understanding of fiber optics as a physical medium, sorting out single-mode versus multi-mode and the crucial concept of Dense Wave-Division Multiplexing. It covers the big picture with an understanding of SONET rings and how carriers build fiber networks; reviews broadband equipment like optical routers, wavelength cross-connects, DSL and cable and brings everything together with practical case studies/projects. The goal of the book is to explain the underlying concepts, demystify buzzwords and jargon, and put in place a practical understanding of technologies and mainstream solutions without getting bogged down in details.

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