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Скачать Google Talking бесплатно

Title: Google Talking
Author: Johnny Long / Joshua Brashars
ISBN: 1597490555
Publisher: Syngress Publishing
Book Binding: Paperback
Category: Computer - Internet
Format:Format: PDF
Pages: 304 pages
Size: 8.32 MB
Summary: Are you tired of running a dozen programs to stay in touch with the people you care about? Are you looking for a way to call back home, without spending an arm and a leg? Then you need to read Google Talking! Discover the "Google way" to instant message your friends, with the power of voice and text! Make calls from your computer to any phone in the world! When you pick up your phone and make a call, you can reach that person, regardless of what phone company they use. Why should instant messaging be any different? Instant Messaging has become the favorite way of internet users to stay in touch. But to keep in contact with friends across several IM networks, you had to run a dozen different programs? Until now! Google Talk is Google's foray into the Instant Messaging universe. In tradition with Google's embrace of the Open Source community, Google Talk breaks free of proprietary messaging, allowing you to connect to the chat service of your choice, without the need to install several different programs. You can also connect to Google's own instant messaging networks with the Voice and Jabber-enabled client of your choice.

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