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Скачать Designing and Building Enterprise DMZs бесплатно

Designing and Building Enterprise DMZs
Ido Dubrawsky
714 pages
8.1 Mb size

Designing and Building Enterprise DMZs covers a sorely needed area in critical business infrastructure: the Demilitarized Zone. DMZs play a crucial role in any network consisting of a Hosted Internet Web Server, internal servers which need to be segregated, External to Internal DNS Server, and an E-mail SMTP Relay Agent. This book covers what an administrator needs to plan out and integrate a DMZ into a network for small, medium, and Enterprise networks. The primary role of a DMZ is to mitigate risks associated with offering services to untrusted clients. A DMZ accomplishes this by providing network-level protection for a hosting environment, as well as segregating public hosting facilities from the private network infrastructure. This small but very important segment of the network is the section exposed to the public Internet and is the most difficult area on the network to create, and maintain both from an Engineering standpoint and a security standpoint. In this book (the only one of its kind) readers will learn how to make DMZs utilizing the IT world's best of breed software and hardware products from Microsoft, Sun, Cisco, Nokia, and Check Point.

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