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Скачать Data Communications Networking Devices: Operation, Utilization and Lan and Wan Internetworking, 4th Edition by Gilbert Held бесплатно

Data Communications Networking Devices
Operation, Utilization and Lan and Wan Internetworking, 4th Edition

by Gilbert Held
John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 047197515X
Format: PDF
884 Pages
4.87 MB

Data Communications Networking Devices Operation, Utilization and LAN and VAN Internetworking Fourth Edition Gilbert Held 4-Degree Consulting, Macon, Georgia, USA Data communications continue to grow enormously as a key part of telecommunications. Technological advances mean up-to-date information is essential. This fourth edition of the popular and authoritative text Data Communications Networking Devices examines the characteristics, operation and applications of the devices used to construct a data communications network. It enables readers to operate and utilize the networking devices used in the design, modification or optimization of a data communications network. Features include:
* Extensive coverage of the fundamental concepts of data communications
* New sections on ATM/broadband networking, LAN/WAN switches and new examples of network integration devices
* Examination of the specialized devices such as security devices, LZW compression and voice digitizers
* Discusses the different types of networks, network architecture and the flow of data between several networks
* Questions at the end of each chapter to assist understanding.
More than a comprehensive reference book, Data Communications Networking Devices is ideal as a self study guide too. It is essential reading for network managers and telecommunications engineers, data processing managers and information system managers. Visit Our Web Page! http://www.wiley.com/

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