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Скачать CD and DVD Forensics by Paul Crowley бесплатно

Title: CD and DVD Forensics
Author: Paul Crowley
ISBN: 1597491284
Publisher: Syngress Publishing
Book Binding: Paperback
Price: $49.95
Category: Computer Books: General
Format:Format: PDF
Pages: 320 pages
Size: 5.93 MB
Summary:Handle, Examine, and Process CD and DVD Evidence for Computer Forensics
CD and DVD Forensics takes the reader through all facets of handling, examining, and processing CD and DVD evidence for computer forensics. At a time when data forensics is becoming a major part of law enforcement and prosecution in the public sector, as well as corporate and system security and integrity in the private sector, the interest in this subject has just begun to blossom.
CD and DVD Forensics is a how-to book that gives the reader tools to open CDs and DVDs in an effort to identify evidence of a crime. These tools can be applied in both the public and private sectors. Armed with this information, readers in law enforcement and corporate security and private investigators will be more effective in performing their evidence-related tasks. divided into four basic parts:
[*]CD and DVD "physics" dealing with the history, construction, and technology of CD and DVD media. [*]File systems present on CDs and DVDs and how these are different from those which are found on hard disks, floppy disks, and other media [*]Considerations for handling CD and DVD evidence to both recover the maximum amount of information present on a disc and to do so without destroying or altering the disc in any way. [*]Using the InfinaDyne product CD/DVD Inspector to examine discs in detail and to collect evidence.

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