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Скачать Networking - Managing A Network Vulnerability Assessment бесплатно

Networking - Managing A Network Vulnerability Assessment
ISBN 0849312701
Format: PDF
312 Pages
8.7 Mb size

Readers will find detailed definitions, thorough explanations, step-by-step procedures, and sample reports to guide them through a network vulnerability assessment (NVA). ??¦ [The book] is clear and easy to read, conveying the authors' outstanding grasp of the material. Despite the extremely detailed content, the presentation is not too technical or confusing. Numerous graphs, sample reports, and computer illustrations effectively support the text. ??¦ Of the many readers who would benefit from this work, security managers responsible for computer protection will learn how to conduct an NVA. IT professionals will benefit from the exposure to detailed security concepts and procedures. Finally, college instructors and students will find that the work serves as an excellent educational resource.
- Security Management, Sept. 2004

Book Description

Managing A Network Vulnerability Assessment provides a formal framework for finding and eliminating network security threats. It focuses on the steps necessary to manage an assessment, including the development of a scope statement, the understanding and use of assessment methodology, the creation of an assessment team, and the production of a response report. The book also details what commercial, freeware, and shareware tools are available, how they work, and how to use them. By following the procedures outlined in this guide, a company can pinpoint what parts of their network need to be hardened, and avoid expensive and unnecessary purchases.

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