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Скачать Absolute Beginner's Guide to Wi-Fi Wireless Networking бесплатно

Absolute Beginner's Guide to Wi-Fi Wireless Networking (Absolute Beginner's Guide) by Harold Davis
Publisher: Que (April 27, 2004)
ISBN-10: 0789731150
Format: CHM
10,5 Mb size
312 pages

Wi-Fi is one of the fastest growing technologies of all time and everyone is interested in learning how to use it. This book makes all the information about Wi-Fi, including the standards and protocols, and how they relate easy to understand. This book covers everything about Wi-Fi, from what to look for, to how to set up a users computer with Wi-Fi to finding hotspots and access points. Users will be able to configure a home network and share internet connections quickly and easily. And all important security issues are covered so that a user is less exposed to threats.

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