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Скачать Electronics For Dummies by Gordon McComb, Earl Boysen бесплатно

Electronics For Dummies by Gordon McComb, Earl Boysen
Publisher: For Dummies (February 4, 2005)
ISBN-10: 0764576607
Format: PDF
19,9 Mb size
432 pages

Begin having fun with electronics projects right away Explore the basic concepts of electronics, build your electronics workbench, and create cool projects Wish you could fix that faulty doorbell, hook up a motion detector, or maybe build your very own robot? This book will really get you charged up! It won't make you an electrician, but it covers the basics, choosing and using tools, and how to build more than a dozen really cool, inexpensive gizmos. You'll be shocked at how easy it is! Discover how to -Master electricity basics -Fill up your electronics parts bin -Read circuit schematics -Test circuits with multimeters -Design your own printed circuit boards -Build robots and program their actions

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