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Скачать Sams Teach Yourself FreeBSD in 24 Hours by Michael Urban бесплатно

Sams Teach Yourself FreeBSD in 24 Hours by Michael Urban, Michael Urban
Publisher: Sams; (December 18, 2002)
ISBN-10: 0672324245
Format: PDF
11,1 Mb size
456 pages

A quick, easy-to-understand tutorial that helps the beginner get FreeBSD installed and running as painlessly and efficiently as possible. Over 100,000 commercial Internet customers run FreeBSD and 15% of all Internet sites use FreeBSD as their operating system of choice, including Yahoo. Book offers all the information needed to be up and running with FreeBSD in 24 quick lessons. There are currently no books on the market that offer to teach FreeBSD to a novice. This book will be very attractive to the rushed and impatient, as well as to those who simply have a desire to learn the benefits of FreeBSD when compared to other proprietary operating systems. The book covers the most beneficial uses of FreeBSD, as well as the information needed to install and configure the operating system. This book will be the definitive tutorial reference for the growing FreeBSD market. Michael Urban has been working with various forms of Unix-like operating systems for several years including FreeBSD, Linux, and Solaris. He has worked as a technical analyst, and is now a systems administrator and Web master for the Lion Research Center, where he also does software development, including the development of Web-enabled database applications. He is co-author of FreeBSD Unleashed.

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