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Скачать DSL Advances by Thomas Starr, Massimo Sorbara бесплатно

DSL Advances by Thomas Starr, Massimo Sorbara, John M. Cioffi, Peter J. Silverman, John Cioffi, Peter Silverman
Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR; 1st edition (December 26, 2002)
ISBN-10: 0130938106
Format: CHM
9,9 Mb size
576 pages

??” The state of the art in DSL technology, standards, and architecture ??” ADSL, HDSL2, SHDSL, VDSL, line unbundling, spectrum management, and more ??” Voice over DSL and video-on-demand: technical progress and its impact on services ??” DSL in the home: automating deployment, enhancing security, maximizing revenue ??” Improved coding techniques, multi-user detection, and other new advances
Digital Subscriber Lines (DSLs) have transformed millions of ordinary phone lines into broadband arteries that link homes and businesses to the Internet at megabit speeds. DSL Advances brings together the state of the art in DSL technology and architecture for every technical professional and manager. The authors of the classic Understanding Digital Subscriber Line Technology review the key challenges service providers and equipment manufacturers face now, preview tomorrow's most important standards and technical enhancements, and offer new insights into today's regulatory and business environment. Coverage includes:
??” HDSL2 and SHDSL: The next generation of symmetric DSL technology ??” Recent developments in ADSL and standards for line unbundling ??” Spectrum management standards: "traffic cops" for crosstalk management ??” Voice over DSL and video-on-demand: technical progress that enhances the business case ??” DSL networked homes: wired/wireless LANs, shared phone and AC wiring?including both centralized splitters and distributed in-line filter premises wiring ??” Streamlining deployment: CPE auto-configuration and flow-through service provisioning ??” Security risks and essential safeguards for vendors, service providers, and users ??” Future directions, including advanced coding techniques and multi-user detection

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