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Скачать Symbian OS Explained бесплатно

Developing good C++ code on Symbian OS requires a clear understanding of the underlying concepts and the nature of the operating system. This book explains the key features of Symbian OS and shows how you can use this knowledge most effectively. It also focuses on some aspects
of good C++ style that particularly apply to Symbian OS. With understanding and practice, the expertise required to write high quality C++ code on Symbian OS should become second nature.
The book is divided into a series of self-contained chapters, each discussing specific and important features of Symbian OS. Besides the fundamentals, the chapters illustrate best practice and describe any common mistakes to avoid. The chapters are concise enough to impart the
insight you need without being so brief as to leave you needing more information. Each chapter delivers simple and straightforward explanations without omitting the important facts.
This book doesn’t teach you how to write C++. It assumes you’re already familiar with the most important concepts of the language. Neither does it walk through Symbian OS from the perspective of developing a particular application. Instead, I try to impart an understanding of the
central concepts and key features of Symbian OS and good techniques in C++.



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