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Скачать Alan Simpson's Windows Vista Bible бесплатно

Alan Simpson's Windows Vista Bible
Alan Simpson, Todd Meister
1224 pages
January 30, 2007
29 Mb size

Be among the first to master the much-anticipated new Microsoft Windows Vista operating system. From bestselling author Alan Simpson comes the Alan Simpson's Windows Vista Bible, and it's packed with the comprehensive detail you need to get the most out of this exciting new OS. From thorough coverage of the basics through advanced topics such as setting up security, building a home office network, and DVD authoring, this go-to reference is your perfect Vista resource.

* Explore Vista's new user interface and security features
* Manage folders, printing, faxing, and scanning
* Save important files with new Backup and Restore Center
* View and manage photos and videos in a single location
* Create your own DVDs with new authoring tools
* Tweak hardware, troubleshoot issues, and tune performance
* Network two or more PCs and share files

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