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Скачать Dave Johnson - How To Do Everything with Your Digital Camera бесплатно

Dave Johnson - How To Do Everything with Your Digital Camera
Osborne/McGraw-Hill | ISBN: 0072225556 | 24/07/2002 | English | 416 pages | PDF | 15 MB

Do more with your digital camera than you ever thought possible with help from this easy-to-use guide. You'll understand digital photography basics, learn to share results through e-mail or the Internet, store images electronically, apply advanced photography techniques, perform image editing, and much more. This book dissects digital photography in bite-sized, understandable sections that will help anyone--from beginner to professional--have a better digital camera experience.

From the Back Cover
Bring your digital vision to life while mastering the essentials of good photography. Accomplished photographer and best-selling author Dave Johnson shows you why digital photography is truly the visual recording medium of the future. Learn the basics such as composition, exposure, flash, and lighting, then push your camera to the limits by turning it into a document scanner, image editor, and more. From a review of gear to image manipulation and publishing to the Web, How To Do Everything with Your Digital Camera has the readily available information to make you a success with your digital camera!
  • Discover the immediacy and versatility of digital photography and electronics
  • Use professional darkroom techniques without wasting chemicals, paper, film, or time
  • Master the digital arena in an easy-to-understand platform designed for beginners to professionals
  • Master photo-quality printing on ink-jet printers
  • Share pictures through email or an Internet gallery site--plus learn helpful printing techniques
  • Troubleshoot and maintain your digital camera
  • Organize and archive your favorite photos in digital storage media
  • Explore advanced techniques including time-lapse, motion, and panoramic photography

About the Author
Dave Johnson (Colorado Springs, CO) has written many books since 1990 including Digital Photography Answers, and is a frequent contributor for PC Computing, Home Office computing, and Family PC. He is currently a mobile computing editor at Planet IT, an online magazine published by CMP Media.

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