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Скачать Professional Interior Photography, Third Edition бесплатно

Professional Interior Photography, Third Edition (Professional Photography Series)
Focal Press; 3 edition (January 2003) | English | ISBN-10: 0240519027 | PDF | 188 Pages | 59.2 MB

"An ideal briefing document...if you are just getting started - this book is a must."
"Michael Harris does a great job on this book. In this book he recommends the view camera (instead of the typical 35mm). This book isn't really going to teach all aspects of how to use this camera or the equipment. However, there is pretty good coverage concerning lights and how to correct color with filters. He also gives a really good run down on what equipment to buy, composition, and different types of film.
If you want to learn a lot about architectural photography and its equipment, this is a really good book. If you want lots of specifics on view cameras, you'll need a different book."


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