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Скачать Stoppees' Guide to Photography and Light: What Digital Photographers, Illustrators, and Creative Professionals Must Know бесплатно

Brian and Janet Stoppee, "Stoppees' Guide to Photography and Light: What Digital Photographers, Illustrators, and Creative Professionals Must Know"
Focal Press | 2008-10-24 | ISBN: 0240810635 | 496 pages | PDF | 47,8 MB

Brian & Janet Stoppee have incorporated their decades of daily, hands-on expertise at image-making plus their leading seminars and one-on-one training into the most comprehensive guide to photographic lighting available!

Its impossible to be successful in photography without a mastery of light. Its the basis of all things photographic. The Stoppees welcome the reader into their professional world with a conversational tone that makes you feel as if you are a member of their team in pre-production planning, out on a shoot, or back at their studio, in post-production. Theyve packed the book with full color, vibrant images and lighting diagrams that make the technology easy to quickly understand. This compendium of professional know-how shows you how to both manipulate natures light and create natural-looking illumination with artificial light sources. Whether youre a professional photographer, you use photography in your profession, or you just want your images to look more professional, this book is your resource to creating far superior digital images.

Youll gain a greater understanding of:
Lights Properties
Digital Exposure
Adobe Camera Raw
Light Modifying Tools
Support Systems
Daylight Fluorescent
Wireless Battery Flash
Digital Studio Flash
Digital Tablets
Professional Printing
...and much more, just like the worlds top image-makers.

The Stoppees darkroom is all digital, so without this guide to photography and light, youll be left in the dark ages!

Enjoy this great book! Brought to you by SMIRK



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