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Скачать Photographic Lighting: Essential Skills, Third Edition бесплатно

Photographic Lighting: Essential Skills, Third Edition (Photography Essential Skills) by John Child, Mark Galer
Publisher: Focal Press | Number Of Pages: 176 | Publication Date: 2004-12-30 | ISBN-10: 0240519647 | PDF | 13 Mb

The approach taken is very practical, focusing on building on the users competence throughout the book.
A new chapter, Lighting Techniques is to be included devoted to specific examples and illustrations of specific lighting techniques. These include a selection of examples; portraiture, fashion set-ups and mixed lighting techniques appropriate to a location situation. As well as a solid grounding in the principles of lighting techniques these real world examples will provide the reader with all they need to know to manage a shoot in a particular environment.

Reference will also be given to digital capture running in parallel with traditional film imaging.

This is an inspirational text; as well as encouraging visual expression; it is a highly structured learning tool that ensures all the essential skills are learnt and applied to help improve use of light in photography.

*Fully illustrated with lots of new images - now in full colour!
*Includes student assignments to put theoretical knowledge into a creative context
*Sets clear aims and objectives to become proficient when working with light

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