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Скачать Digital Outback Fine Art Photography Handbook бесплатно

Digital Outback Fine Art Photography Handbook: How to make Fine Art with Digital SLRs by Bettina & Uwe Steinmueller
CHM | 5 Mb | No ISBN

What is this book about? We share our experience in using digital SLRs for fine art photography. We will not get into such questions as "Isn't Film better than digital?". This might be a valid question if you want to decide to go the full digital path. We had made the decision 2 years ago. The only question for us is "How can I get the most out of our digital cameras" and of course we are convinced that we are capable to produce Fine Art photos. At the time of this writing (April 2002) in many areas film still might get better ultimate results than digital cameras (except the BetterLight scanning back which seems to beat 4x5" film but cannot capture moving objects). This gap gets closer every year and if the Foveon technology succeeds then digital will surpass film also using digital SLRs.

Fine Art Photography
Outdoor Photography
Why digital?
Using a Digital SLR in the field (also about Cameras)
The Challenge to capture nature
Some selective outdoor disciplines
From Camera to your Computer
Digital darkroom basics
RAW File Processing
The digital workflow / Archiving / Browsing
Outback Portfolios
A children's Book by Bettina Steinmueller
Sponsoring Artist's Directory
Sponsors Directory
Fine Art Galleries Directory

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