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Скачать Posing Guides CD бесплатно

Posing Guides CD
PhotographyTips | jpg | 34.31 MB

You can have your own CD copy of the immensely-popular Posing Guides found on PhotographyTips.com. This CD is lightning fast - a dual-platform hybrid that works equally-well on both PCs and Macs. Its full-color images are sharp and clear. No longer will you have to wait for a slow modem or sluggish internet connection to download image posing files. If anything drastic should happen to PhotographyTips.com (Heaven forbid), you'll still have access to its great posing guides by having your own CD. There are even some exclusive, new poses for the female model that are not available on the web site - two completely new guides found only on the CD.

# Posing Female Models - 300 poses using two models;
# Posing Male Models - 60 poses;
# Wedding Poses - 216 poses of the bride and groom;
# Posing the Dancer - 48 ballet & hip hop poses; and
# Posing the Couple - 48 poses.


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