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Скачать New Hollywood Cinema: An Introduction by Geoff King бесплатно

New Hollywood Cinema: An Introduction by Geoff King
Publisher:I B Tauris & Co Ltd | 2002 | Number Of Pages: 224 | ISBN-10: 1860647499 | PDF | 13 Mb

A complex American ‘art’ cinema of innovation and experimentation, or the simplistic world of the comic-book blockbuster? The introverted obsessions of Travis Bickle and Harry Caul, or the action heroics of Luke Skywalker, Indiana Jones or Buzz Lightyear? Street-level independent production, or giant multimedia conglomerates? Radical visions or conservative backlash? Unsettling departures from ‘classical’ Hollywood style, or superficial glitz and over-insistent rhetoric drawn from advertising and MTV? Filmmakers as visionary artists, or as emptily stylish raiders of the cinematic past? ‘Modernism’ or ‘postmodernism’? Wholesale change, or important continuities with the past?

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