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Скачать Korea: Caught in Time бесплатно

Terry Bennett, "Korea: Caught in Time (Caught in Time Great Photographic Archives)"
Garnet Publishing | ISBN: 1859642217 | April 30, 2009 | 160 pages | PDF | 22.6 MB

Once known as the 'Hermit Kingdom', Korea was first prised open by Japan in 1876; it opened to the West in 1883, and even today it remains a little-known country. Yet its distinct culture and history could not be more colourful or fascinating. This book provides the first-ever comprehensive history of early photography in Korea and identifies many previously unattributed images. Photographs from key private collections and museum archives in Europe, America and Russia are collected in this volume, forming a unique anthology and giving insight into the cultural heritage of Korea.This book includes the very first photographs ever taken on Korean soil, by the famous war photographer Felice Beato. He accompanied the American squadron of five ships which landed in 1871 to attempt to open Korea to trade. His photographs show the subsequent fighting and the Korean people the Americans encountered. Other early photographs include royal portraits taken in the 1890s.




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