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Скачать 50 Symbolic Color Schemes: Color Voodoo #3 бесплатно

50 Symbolic Color Schemes: Color Voodoo #3
Jill Morton | Colorcom | 1997-10-01 | ISBN : 0967908019 | PDF | 1.1 MB

Uncertain how to develop a color scheme symbolically consistent with your message or product? This book presents 50 harmonious color schemes that convey meanings matched to specific symbolic meanings such as dynamic, expensive, high quality, intelligent, joyous, dependable, spiritual, festive, healthy, etc. Color associations are based on conservative rather than trendy interpretations and well-indexed for quick symbolic comparison. Each color scheme is well-illustrated and easy to duplicate using the accompanying RGB and HEX codes. Descriptions of color harmony, computer colors, color models, and design applications are included. With this knowledge you can confidently use color schemes that enhance your message.


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