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Скачать Point of View: The Art of Architectural Photography бесплатно

Point of View: The Art of Architectural Photography
Publisher: Van Nostrand Reinhold Company | pages: 202 | 1994 | ISBN: 0471284637 | CHM | 10,9 mb

For those who are conversant with the language of architecture and perspective drawing, the title of this segment will be quite familiar. For those not architecturally literate, a worm's eye view in perspective drawing means that the horizon line and the baseline (ground line) are one and the same, as the name implies. Perspective, geometrically created three-dimensional drawings, is a science, and despite the advent of CAD (computer-aided drawing) we still create architectural views mechanically, to afford us the POINT OF VIEW from which to visualize a building. Architectural perspectives, delineations, or renderings, no matter the nomenclature, describe a method whereby we may simulate objects into three dimensions with single-dimension drawings. The types of perspective drawings most commonly used are: worm's eye, as previously described; eye level, where the horizon line is approximately 5 feet to zero above the ground line; aerial view, taken from above the ground line to emulate a bird's eye perspective, from any height, above the building.

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