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Скачать Linda Robinson, “Art of Professional Photography” бесплатно

Linda Robinson, “Art of Professional Photography”

Linda Robinson, "Art of Professional Photography"
Global Media | 2007 | ISBN: 9788189940287 | No ISBN-10 | 168 pages | PDF | 2 Mb

A photographer is a person who takes a photograph using a camera. This person is generally considered the artist, because he or she constructed the appearance of the product in the same way as any other visual artists. One may be an amateur photographer or a professional photographer if he or she uses photography to make a living.
The work of a photographer may be limited to the actual shooting of the camera, or it may include all of the steps in the development of the image up to the presentation of the final product. A photograph may be the work of a single person or a team. The most common teams are formed of a photographer and a laboratory technician. The laboratory work (photographic processing, image processing, plus other less common techniques) can completely change the appearance of a shot. The artistry can just as easily be in the lab work as in the shooting itself, even if the one who took the shot is more likely to be considered the artist, and the developer an artisan.

Table of Contents

1. History of Photography
2. Types of Photography
3. Camera
4. Camcorder
5. Visible Spectrum
6. Camera Obscura
7. Electromagnetic Spectrum
8. Apeture
9. Diaphragm and Shutter
10. Photographic Film
11. Movie Projector
12. Shutter Speed
13. Cinematography
14. View Camera
15. Exposure Photography
16. Photojournalism
17. Fashion Photography
18. Some Technical Terms
19. Tips for Photography

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