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Скачать How to Do Everything with Digital Photography бесплатно

How to Do Everything with Digital Photography

David Huss"How to Do Everything with Digital Photography"
McGraw-Hill (3 2004) | PDF | 376 pages | English | ISBN: 0072254351 | 26.8Mb(rar)
Avoid the time-consuming task of image editing by taking great pictures from the get-go. Dave Huss walks you through the fundamentals of taking great digital photographs by dispelling digital photography myths and teaching you how to maximize all camera features available to you.

Discover how to take clear, sharp, professional-level photographs every time; use light wisely; use flash photography to your advantage; match your camera to your computer; share your photos, and much more.Take stunning digital photos every time using the expert advice inside this hands-on guide. Veteran photographer Dave Huss discusses the features to look for in a digital camera, the essentials of photography and composition, unique techniques for digital photography, photo editing, color printing, and much more. You’ll also get insight from professional digital photographers throughout the book, and an eight page gallery featuring easy-to-follow illustrations and examples.
* Select the best digital camera and accessories for you
* Learn photographic techniques used by professionals
* Get the color and lighting just right
* Use your flash effectively--and creatively
* Capture exciting action photos
* Take great low-light and night photos
* Set up your digital camera to photograph small subjects
* Shoot everything from portraits to panoramas
* Learn how to crop and enhance photos like a professional
* Print high-quality photos and create an online gallery

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