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Скачать Lighting Control: Technology and Applications бесплатно

Lighting Control: Technology and Applications

Robert Simpson, "Lighting Control: Technology and Applications"
Focal Press | ISBN: 0240515668 | 2003 | PDF | 576 pages | 32.3 MB

A work of awesome scholarship... It's eminently readable, with ultra-clear diagrams... This is the definitive book the industry didn't know it needed by an author totally on top of his subject - it's a must for anyone who needs to know what's under the bonnet of a lighting control system." Lighting Equipment News "The wide scope of the topics covered make it a must for the bookshelf of any architectural or Design and Build company who intend to install any electric light in their project. As such it is sure to become a standard work on the subject." Entertainment Technology "It should be required reading for anyone who has a genuine interest in the art and science of all aspects of professional lighting." Tony Gottelier, Lighting & Sound International "The text is written in a straightforward style which has, nevertheless, that ingredient which makes it compelling reading. Perhaps this comes from the author's mastery of the subject matter and his enthusiasm for lighting.

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