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Скачать Basic Critical Theory for Photographers бесплатно

Basic Critical Theory for Photographers

Ashley La Grange, "Basic Critical Theory for Photographers"
Butterworth Heinemann (15. Juli 2005) | ISBN: 0240516524 | 256 Pages | PDF | 3.94 MB
A good photograph is worth a thousand words, a bad photograph needs a thousand words.

Critical theory is an integral part of the art of photography. Students of photography will be provided with an understanding of critical theory in order to evaluate, comment on and appreciate the work of others, as well as to ensure they get the best out of their own work.
Ashley la Grange's innovative text draws students into applying the theory they've just learned to relevant practical work. He bridges the gap between practical photography and critical theory. The book is written in a clear, interesting way that any student of photography can easily understand. La Grange gives enough insight into various critical theories of photography, mainly through books and essays by international experts in the field, but also through his own essays and work, to enable them to start asking their own questions, challenging different theories and finding out more for themselves.

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