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Скачать Leslie Stroebel “Basic Photographic Materials and Processes, 2 Ed” бесплатно

Leslie Stroebel “Basic Photographic Materials and Processes, 2 Ed”

Leslie Stroebel "Basic Photographic Materials and Processes, 2 Ed"
Focal Press | 2000-03-06 | ISBN: 0240804058 | 440 pages | PDF | 16 Mb

An essential resource for understanding how photography works and how to solve the many problems photographers face when learning this trade. It deals with the fundamental principles upon which the photographic process is based and presents the principles in a practical manner.

The new edition of this classic text has been updated to include a new chapter on Digital Imaging. This important addition covers, in depth, everything photographers need to know in order to be completely up-to-date on the digital aspects of photography. This book is heavily illustrated with helpful photographs and line drawings, and also includes a special color insert. Since Basic Photographic Materials and Processes deals with the capturing, recording, and reproduction of visual images, the principles discussed have direct applications to graphic arts printing, graphic design, computer graphics and electronic imaging.
Learn about converting analog to digital- bits to gray levels, brightness resolution, and spatial resolution
Covers image processing basics- concepts, filters, color spaces
Up-to-date information on storage of Digital Images- magnetic, optical, electrical, CD Media, and Digital Printing

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