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Скачать Master Lightning Guide, «For Portrail Photographers» бесплатно

Master Lightning Guide, «For Portrail Photographers»

Master Lightning Guide, «For Portrail Photographers»
Amherst Media Publishing | ISBN: 1584281251 | 2004| PDF | 130 pages | 13 Mb

What is a portrait? The simple answer to the question,at least as defined by most dictionaries, is that a por-trait is a likeness of a person that features the face. If you've seen anyearly photographic portraiture, you know that these photos rarely pre-sented much more. The long exposures and slow emulsions oftennecessitated using a head brace, a metal yolk bolted to the back of aposing chair that served to immobilize the subject's head. Typical expo-sures were many seconds long and success was often measured in non-blurred images. Faces were recorded; emotion and nuance were not.

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