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Скачать PHOTOSHOP - Shoot Like a Pro & Pixel Cinematography бесплатно

PHOTOSHOP - Shoot Like a Pro & Pixel Cinematography

PHOTOSHOP - Shoot Like a Pro & Pixel Cinematography
ISBN 0-07-222949-7 | 2003 | PDF | 9MB

As someone who writes photography books, I often get calls from friends and colleagues who are unhappy with their current cameras and want me to recommend something that “takes better pictures.” Nine times out of ten, further discussion reveals that a new camera isn’t the answer. All most people
need to turn out terrific photos is simply a little technical guidance and some help with their photographic technique.

To get good results from a digital camera, you need to understand traditional
photography controls, such as exposure and focus options. That’s only half
the story, however. You also have to master digital-only features such as white
balance, resolution, and image file formats.
Professional photographers go to school for years to study these subjects and
refine their craft. Just because you have neither the time nor the inclination
to get a degree in photography doesn’t mean that you, too, can’t take
professional-looking pictures, however. With this book, you can get stellar
results from your digital camera without setting foot inside a classroom.
Shoot Like a Pro! Digital Photography Techniques condenses the most important
lessons of photography school into one, easy-to-digest package. You’ll not only
get the information you need to decipher the jargon associated with digital
photography, but also learn techniques that enable you to take full advantage
of all the creative controls your camera offers.
Each chapter shows you secrets that the pros use every day to get perfect
pictures, no matter how challenging the subject. Whatever you want to do
with your digital camera, from taking product shots for your business to
capturing a family celebration, this book will help you look like a pro.

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