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Скачать Studio Photography: Essential Skills, Third Edition бесплатно

Studio Photography: Essential Skills, Third Edition

Studio Photography: Essential Skills, Third Edition (Photography Essential Skills) by John Child
Publisher: Focal Press; 3 edition (August 1, 2005) | ISBN-10: 0240519795 | PDF | 40 Mb | 216 pages

"Through a clearly structured learning approach you will stimulate and express creative ideas using a wide variety of activities...This successful guide is an essential tool for those working in a controlled environment." - Rangefinder Magazine

"A must for any photographer, whether an absolute beginner or one in advanced mode...a real gem for the person who would rather stay in a warm studio than track about a windswept moor looking for the perfect landscape." - Amateur Photographer

Praise for previous editions:

'The book gradually introduces the reader to increasingly sophisticated arrangements, with each chapter adding a new layer of technical skill... this is a very useful and practical book.'
Amateur Photographer

'....students of photography should find the well-laid-out theoretical information, practical advice, revision exercises and detailed assignments a useful resource to guide them through their course. The structured format means you can dip into any chapter for a quick re-cap....'
Professional Printer

'Ideal as set books for the new 2000 syllabus AS/A Level course.'
Photography A Level teacher on Studio Photography and Location Photography

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