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Скачать Lighting Photo Workshop бесплатно

Lighting Photo Workshop

Wiley (July 10, 2007)
PDF | 304 pages | Engish | ISBN: 0470114339 | 34.6mb(rar)
Lighting Photo Workshop/by Chris Bucher (Author).A rigorous practical guide to photographic lighting techniques, complete with hands-on assignments.Offering digital photographers a complete course in photographic lighting, this book covers everything from using flash systems and studio lights to working outdoors in bright or low-light conditions. Full-color examples show how the right lighting can enhance color, improve contrast, and open the door to new creative possibilities. Your camera needs light to create any image.

To create a spectacular one, you need the best light possible, and Chris Bucher shows you how to find it. How to work with the light that's available wherever you are. How to augment it for different effects. How to use light to accent a scene, express a feeling, or flatter a face. Discover how to master the magic of light.
*Explore the elements of light and understand white balance, color temperature, and light quality
*Choose and use appropriate accessories
*Learn to work with natural light, indoors and out, and to create effects with shadows
*Discover how light affects motion, landscape views, and closeup shots
*Try your hand at night and low-light photography

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