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Скачать Digital Photography Workflow Handbook бесплатно

Digital Photography Workflow Handbook

Digital Photography Workflow Handbook
PDF - 15 Mb

How to solve the digital workflow problems at hand and not just summarize what tools like Photoshop can do. All techniques are based on real world experiences at fine art photographers. Have a look at our portfolios and you will realize what you can do yourself.

Our most complete e-book (360 letter sized pages)
Photoshop CS workflow
Layer based workflow
Use Camera Raw 2.0 , Capture One DSLR and Nikon Capture
Shadow/Highlight tool
Upsizing, dark/light halo and edge mask sharpening
Includes sharpening framework actions: Upsizing, dark/light halo and edge mask
B&W conversion techniques
Stitching in Photoshop
What do you learn from our e-books?
What are raw files and why raw files gets you better image quality
What is the responsibility of a raw converter
Basic understanding of color management
Learn to read histograms
The essential workflow steps
Mastering your raw converter
Adjust exposure, white balance, contrast and colors
Essential Photoshop techniquesWorking with Photoshop Layers (DOP1007 and up)
We try to make the workflow as simple as possible but not simpler
Pure B&W workflow (DOP1008/DOP1009/DOP2000)
We now also support a pure JPEG based workflow (DOP1010 & DOP1011)

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