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Скачать C# Programming Evolution бесплатно

Kevin Hoffman «C# Programming Evolution»
Publisher: Sams | Edition: 2004 | ISBN: 0672326027 | PDF | 285 pages | 2 Mb

Experience with C# programming in the .NET environment is one thing. Actually applying it is another. Issues can often creep up when you begin to apply your programming knowledge to a practical application and resources for troubleshooting are limited. Until now. C# Programming Evolution offers you reusable, real-world techniques through targeted activities. You'll work with a complete example .NET enterprise application to learn techniques that will help you not only customize the example application but also build new applications from beginning to end. You will cover the three main user interfaces: Windows Forms, ASP.NET Web Forms and Pocket PC, as well as how to make practical use of XML Web Services. The .NET environment is constantly changing. C# Programming Evolution will make sure that you won't get left behind.




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